OBSOLETE  is the old model of Finance training. It has worked for too long for a select few with the vast majority of people finding it boring and difficult to grasp.

But guess what? It needn’t be this way. A fresher, more effective approach was needed and this is precisely what you will get with CompanyBasix.

For the non-Financial person, most people will learn more in 3 hours than what they have failed to understand in a lifetime.

Consider the following:

Educational | Simple to understand | Hands-On | Practical | Fun!

These are just some of the words that delegates have used to describe the Finance training they receive from CompanyBasix.

Led by Zahoor Bargir, the training is delivered so that the message comes across easily, in a structured and fun way.

Why does this matter?

Too often Finance or technical proficients find it easier to speak in their own jargon, making it difficult or confusing to those who need to know but are apprehensive in saying so.

So with us, you’ll feel at ease with the language used and will find the answers to your burning questions.

Whether you are a Lawyer, Administrator, Manager, Medic or Marketeer, Zahoor has taught thousands who have reaped the benefits of his teaching.

Can anyone learn about Finance?

Our best customers have been those who have given up ever learning the fundamentals, only to be surprised by how easy it actually is.

If you are a manager, business owner, or someone who wants to progress in their career, chances are you will need to know your numbers!

Some of the best business people, do they all have degrees in Finance?

People like Madonna, Richard Branson, Jay Z, Simon Cowell and alike? Absolutely not.

They are experts at what they do, but they certainly aren’t experts in Maths – they probably don’t even like the subject.

One thing they will all agree on is that you are better off learning about Finance regardless of who you are.

And our guess is that if they need to, then you will do too!